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CallPro CRM is a software system designed for outbound calling such as telemarketing, telesales and lead generation. Being hosted in high availability configurations in the UK, US and Europe, CallPro CRM enjoys a broad geographic following. It is used in many different verticals including marketing companies, insurance, telecoms, energy and office services, to name but a few. Any company that does outbound calling would do well to investigate CallPro CRM.

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Multiple databases within the one system

The system is able to manage up to 999 separate databases within each instance (no need to sign up multiple times to the service!), making it ideal for agency work or multiple departments.

Data storage

CallPro CRM uniquely offers the possibility of virtually unlimited data storage. You will not be restricted or penalised for storing more than 10,000, 100,000 or even a million+ records. The system is very scalable and is as comfortable with 5 users as it is with 500.

Marketing tools

Combining the calling functionality with fully fledged email marketing campaigns automation makes this system ideal for lead generation. Whether you’re looking for a very simple interface containing just a call script, or a more complex screen containing more CRM-type details, CallPro CRM is flexible enough to handle it.

Highly flexible to future-proof your investment

As a powerful CRM, CallPro CRM is a very flexible software system. Almost all configurations can be done without the need for technical knowledge (ie without the normal associated cost). With multiple databases, it is possible to configure each one independently and yet they can all be included in consolidated reporting.

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Increase Call Volumes and View Analytics

CallPro CRM is a feature-rich leading call center solution with an in-built CRM. Boost your agents’ call productivity and increase business efficiency effortlessly. We understand the importance of conversations so that’s why we’ve made it easy.

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