FIVE CRM Background

At FIVE CRM, making things simpler is our passion. We believe software should be simple, hassle-free and easy to use and that’s why we develop all of our products with our customers in mind. We create outstanding software to solve business problems, whether that’s trying to make sense of your data or automating key customer touch points.

The FIVE CRM product began life as TMS which was a Windows program specifically designed for outbound calling and telemarketing in particular. That was back in 1996 and in 2008 we began development on a browser version that eventually became CallPro CRM, and latterly as the current FIVE CRM. With customers in 35 countries that range from single users to large corporates, FIVE CRM now has an established place in the market. Since it has been developed over so many years the depth of the product is plain to see in comparison to most of the competition which was developed rather more recently.

Headquartered in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, the company also has a subsidiary in Florida, USA, FIVE CRM, LLC.


What is CallPro CRM?

CallPro CRM has been built around getting more leads. Traditionally this has been by telemarketing but these days a lot of calling campaigns are preceded by an email campaign.  CallPro CRM enables you to do just that, send out multi-step email campaings and then follow-up all those who opened and /or clicked on the email. CallPro CRM users benefit from a multifaceted lead management platform combining lead scoring, auto-dialing, in-built email marketing campaigns, agent performance reports, real-time lead tracker, live dashboard and much more.

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What is CallPro CRM?

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