Call center software with exceptional functionality

CallPro CRM is a feature-rich call center CRM software with a wide range of options and flexibility.

Powerful features include call scripts, managed call-backs, auto-dialing and extensive reports.

The agents’ screen can be configured with no technical knowledge, whether it shows just a script or a fully-fledged CRM screen. Use wall-boards for live up-to-the-minute status and activity information. The internal Report Writer enables Admins to create their own insightful reports on the fly without any technical knowledge and with minimal training.

When you’re out of the office you could use the native mobile app to view reports live from the database: see how many calls they’ve made, which agents are working (or not), how many appointments have been booked, value of sales made today. The possibilities are endless.

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Call center software with exceptional functionality

Data management and reporting

One significant aspect of a successful outbound call center is to call the most promising leads first – this will have a greater effect on your success rate than anything else.

To that end, CallPro CRM has a wide range of tools to manage data. Whether that is removing duplicates or detailed data filtration and segregation, everything can be done from the normal user interface.

Extensive capabilities for reporting and dashboards enable Admins to create their own KPI reports and wall-board screends without the need for any technical assistance.

Data management and reporting


In common with the rest of the system, CallPro CRM is highly flexible when it comes to managing phone calls using a wide variety of phone systems. Whether you use a VoIP system or installed PBX, such as Avaya IP Office, CallPro CRM is able to do click-to-dial or the more efficient progressive dialing. As part of the auto-dialing functionality, CallPro CRM is able to delay the auto-dial based on the status of a record; for example, a new, uncalled, record could be called without delay, whereas a record that has some history will need a delay.

All dialing functionality is inclusive in the normal pricing and there are no additional costs from our side. The only costs will be with your telephony provider.

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