Make more calls than ever possible before

CallPro CRM offers two types of dialing integration, Preview and Progressive which enable you to make calls more efficiently and boost your sales figures.

With preview dialing, otherwise known as click-to-dial, you simply open a record and click to dial, it’s that simple, the days of manually pressing the buttons on the phone are over. CTI (Computer-Telephony-Integration) means faster more accurate dialing.

With progressive dialing, the system will dial automatically when a record is opened, and also hangup automatically when the call is wrapped-up. In addition, the system can automatically delay the dial by a set amount to give the agent more time to read details on the record depending on the status. In priority-calling mode the system will present the appropriate next record automatically, ensuring call-backs are not missed and actually called at the right time without interrupting agents such as alarms would.

auto-dial and click-to-dial

outbound calling


CallPro CRM is fully customisable presenting all the data you need, where you need it most, boosting your agent's efficiency and in turn creating more leads into sales.

Call-back management means that call-backs are presented to the agent at the right time without them having to search - or use alarms if that's what you really want to do.

The account details are presented to your agents instantly, preventing them from having to search or manually lookup.


Our solution enables you to easily integrate with numerous telephony providers. We don’t limit you to specific providers, it’s your choice. We can connect to installed telephone systems such as Avaya, and also a wide range of VoIP suppliers. In addition we have extensive integration with CloudCall who have operations in both UK and US.

One of our preferred and trusted partners whose integration allows you to perform functions that will boost your productivity. Calls can be automatically recorded, and then linked to the specific call history record- simply press a button to play.

System supervisors have the ability to listen-in to live calls, as well as speak to the agent, or join in with the current conversation - ideal to train new recruits. Agents can transfer calls directly to numbers in a predefined list.


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