CallPro CRM Description

CallPro CRM is a feature-rich leading Telemarketing CRM solution that enables call agents to be more productive and increases their efficiency through powerful calling features. We understand the importance of conversations in today’s modern business world so CallPro CRM has been built around the art of having good conversations. The solution enables you to have all the information about a client all in one place that enables your agents to have a good understanding of a contacts interests about your company.

CallPro CRM users will benefit from powerful features of its lead management software that include lead scoring, auto-dialling, in-built email marketing campaign feature, agent performance reports, real-time lead tracker, live dashboard and being able to do call recording for training purposes.

Have rich conversations with your contacts and reinvent how you connect by using market leading calling technology. Enable your agents to touch on interactions your contact has made with your marketing campaigns such as which emails they opened and clicked on, forms filled out, downloaded documents and many more communication interactions.

For outbound calling dialing the phone automatically can make a huge difference. CallPro CRM is able to dial via a number of methods which include internal PBX phone systems, standard land lines, a wide range of VoIP systems and even mobile/cell phones*. To achieve maximum performance, the best call center telephony functionality is achieved by using CloudCall, a VoIP service by Synety, which means CallPro CRM can automatically dial and hang-up, link call recordings and show live agent call status with listen/whisper/barge functionality. The system is able to pause before automatically dialing to give the agent the opportunity to view customer details before dialing.

With the ability to have 999 additional separate CRM databases you are able to assign each of your call agents a database to manage all of their contacts within. Then have all databases linked together so you are able to see all interactions made and restrict who can access certain database.

CallPro CRM Description

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