Reporting Insights

Complete Account View

Have a 360-degree view of your contacts information within the account details feature. By having a 360-degree view of your contacts information enables you to track every interaction, from calls made and emails sent, to website visits, social media activity and even the next steps needed to close a deal.

CallPro CRM allows you to have 100+ data fields, ensuring every element of communication and data is stored effectively. A contacts profile can automatically be updated – no matter how many users are working on the account – allowing changes to be displayed in real-time, which as a result of this saves a lot of time, increasing productivity and ensuring your conversations are always relevant and up-to-date.

  • Clear insight into a contact
  • Fully customizable account view displaying the information you want to see
  • Optimized filter options to find accounts quickly
  • Conversations and other interactions are automatically logged
  • Track everything, from points of contact to the amount of times someone has visited your website
  • Clear visibility of the sales cycle from enquiry to sale
  • Call agents able to customize the interface around themselves
Complete Account View

Reporting Functionality

In the scenario of organized outbound calling knowing all the various KPIs is crucial. CallPro CRM can give you this information either on a dashboard (or wall-board), or on the click of button. The system comes out of the box with a number of predefined reports but since everyone needs something different it is possible to create virtually any report you need. Reports can be automated, so they can be scheduled and automatically email to whoever needs to receive them, when they need to see them.

Understanding the KPIs of your calling reps is important as you have to monitor the performance of that agent. You can track how many sales they made during a week, how many calls made, duration on the phone and much more extensive calling statistics.

  • Flexible and powerful reporting
  • Scheduled reports for efficiency
  • Dashboards and wall-boards for visibility
  • Call Guides and Scripts reports
  • Performance reports on calling agents
Reporting Functionality

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