Remote working

remote working

There are two reasons why you would consider using software that allows staff to work from home: 1. to add staff resources without additional office costs, 2. business continuity.

1. Additional staff for growth

You would normally associate a ramp up in business with more office costs, but that always necessary. Why not take on home workers? With no extra costs and flexible working it seems like a "no brainer", and for some organisations, it is.

2. Business continuity for security

If all your staff are office based, what happens when the office can no longer be used? This could be for any reason, whether there is some disaster meaning the office cannot be inhabited, or in the case of a pandemic where everyone has to work from home.

Remote working software

Remote Management

Having remote workers does not mean loss of visibility, with CallPro CRM you can see what everyone is doing – live. Use live statistiics to see the latest call results, and the Current Status shows which record each person is in and how long they’ve been in it. If you’re using the FIVECRM voip telephony you are able to listen-in to live calls, as well as “whisper” to the agent, or barge into the call. In addition, the data management tools enable you to control what data each person is working on.

Best call results

If you want to ensure agents achieve the results you’re wanting, especially new agents, then call scripting is by far the best way. The flexibilty of the call scripting in CallPro CRM means that conversations don’t need to be stilted and broken, you can setup a flow that works. Intelligent branching means the agent smoothly moves to the next logical point or question without hesitation.

Call guides is an alternative function which is more often used for experienced agents for whom a simple list or guide can be useful rather than a full question-to-question script.

Call scripting

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