Every action logged, detailed, reportable

Allowing you to see the numbers you need, track performance and set targets the way you want.

CRM reporting

CallPro CRM allows you to gain a 360-degree view of your account details, which enables you to track every interaction, from calls made and emails sent to website visits and social media activity. Track everything, including the final steps to closing that deal.

Each of the 999 databases can be configured independently, so each one can have different fields, screen layouts, workflows etc

CallPro CRM is fully customisable from the admin interface so you can configure it to your liking without paying additional consultancy fees.

Detailed reporting built right into the application

Forgetting those crucial KPI’s will never be a worry again with CallPro CRM

As long as the data is stored within the CRM we have the ability to report on it, allowing you to present it however you need, whether it be on a dashboard on the wall or a daily report sent to you automatically every night after the day has finished.

The system creates a selection of predefined reports for you, however due to its customization you can create any report possible. With the automation function you can have them scheduled and sent to who needs to receive them, when they need them.

Collate reports together into Dashboards, either in tabular format or as charts. Set users to login directly to a dashboard, use them as wallboards, control who can see what Dashboard. The choices are limitless.

Reporting Detail

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