Why Gamification?

Better results
The main objective of gamification is to drive better results. If you can make “work” fun and introduce live competition between staff then their competitive spirit will kick in and magically get better results! Gamification has been shown to have a dramatic effect on sales teams and anyone else where there is a group of people all doing similar work.

How does it work?
Firstly you would need to decide the criteria that you want it to work by. This could be certain activities or events, and also a time period. Since this is all user (admin) defined, nothing is set it stone and you can change, update and add as often as you see fit. Having setup how you want it to work the system will automatically track everything for you. This will result in leaderboards and achievements for each individual, and you will be able to measure performance on an ongoing basis.

The system works by an admin configuring “trackers” which track events, for example, these could be wrapups or fields having a certain value. Every time a user triggers a tracker the system stores that event and accumulates points. As the points build up, so the leaderboard is automatically updated.

Dashboards and Reporting
FIVE CRM has dedicated dashboards to show graphically the state of achievements which is updated automatically. Users get notified of events and can see who is winning and losing on a live basis. Complete with the option to add an avatar to each user, the FIVE CRM gamification functionality is built-in and included in the standard licence fee.

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Why Gamification?

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