Telephone system integrations

As an independent CRM supplier we work with a number of different telephone systems. If the phone system you use is not listed here please ask and we can check for compatibility.

Please note: we strongly recommend that you test the functionality you need with your chosen telephony before going ahead.

SystemDescription and functionality
FIVE CRM VoIPWe are able to put in place an attractively priced package of call minutes delivered via a VoIP system. The package enables outbound and inbound calls and most importantly automatic dialing from within CallPro CRM. Click here for more information on packages. Please note this is only available in the UK.
TCNFIVE CRM add Full and Lite CRM capabilities to the TCN call center system. Available worldwide
CloudCallFIVE CRM has a tight integration with CloudCall, this includes, dial, hangup, screenpop, linked call recordings, listen/whisper/barge. The service is available in both UK and US
Avaya IP OfficeFIVE CRM is able to dial and hangup, and also inbound screenpop. Additional functionality prevents inbound calls screenpop while an agent is in wrapup. Available worldwide.
Noble SystemsFIVE CRM adds a fully functional and very flexible call centre CRM to the Noble Systems contact centre system. Functionality includes dial, hangup and inbound screenpop. Available in the US and UK.
RingCentralFIVE CRM is able to dial and hangup with RingCentral.
8×8FIVE CRM is able to dial and hangup the 8×8 service so long as a generic softphone is used (such as x-lite, Bria or Zoiper).
TAPITAPI is used for phone systems that are installed onsite, it is the phone system manufacturer who supplies the TAPI driver so you need to check with them to see if a driver is available. We always advise testing connectivity before going ahead.
VoIPVoice Over IP is the provision of phone lines over the internet rather than traditional landlines. If your chosen VoIP system can use generic softphones such as X-lite, Bria or Zoiper, then FIVE CRM is able to dial and hangup


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