Inside sales done superbly well

CallPro CRM is a feature-rich leading telesales CRM solution that enables call agents to be more productive and increases their efficiency through powerful calling and workflow features.

CallPro CRM users benefit from powerful features that include lead scoring, auto-dialing, agent performance reports, real-time lead tracking and live dashboards.

To enable users to get the best results it is preferable to have a screen interface that ideally suits the environment. To this end, CallPro CRM is extremely flexible (by system admins without technical knowledge), each campaign can be configured independently. The interface could include scripts and/or essential customer information, excluding information that is not needed by the agent.

Having a “Wrapup” process means agents have to set the outcome (disposition) on every call, which in turn can trigger a number of automated functions.

The auto-dialer can be set to dial when the record is opened, and automatically hangup at the end, negating the need for agents to manually dial and hangup. In a high volume calling environment any time saved will contribute to extra calls within the normal work time – which could translate into extra sales.

Managing call-backs is a crucial part of the lead generation process and can be difficult in “normal” CRM systems. In CallPro CRM call-backs are managed automaticaly and presented to agents at the time they are due.

Call Guides and Call Scripts can be used to ensure agents make the most of each call. Call scripts are essentially intelligent programmable questionnaires that need no technical knowledge to configure.

Telesales can be made easier by sending email campaigns and following those up with calls. This is a process that is very easily done within CallPro CRM without any exporting/importing or complex processes.

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Inside sales done superbly well

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