Dialling Features

Make more calls and close more sales using CallPro CRM. Click to dial – automatically call a contact from within the CRM system by integrating it with your telephony system.

Preview Dialing – View a contacts account details while you are calling them to bring up any recent interactions that they made. Allowing to touch on any interests that they may have in your company based on their interactions on your website, email campaigns or previous phone calls.

Progressive dialer – The progressive auto dialer/CTI (Computer-Telephony-Interface) with call pacing functionality enables you to increase the amount of calls handled significantly, therefore enabling you significantly increase your efficiency.

CallPro CRM can automatically hang up the call and show the caller the details of the next call leaving appropriate time before automatically calling that number – all this without the agent having to touch anything, enabling you to call the right contact at the right time.

Priority call-backs – Prioritize which one of your contacts needs urgent calling back depending on their current status and requirements. Have reminders of when a contact needs calling so that you are all organised and never miss a call back again.


Dialling Features

Telephony Integrations

CallPro CRM enables you to integrate with multiple leading VoIP providers using generic softphones so that you can easily reach your contacts seamlessly through the CRM system.

CloudCall – A calling functionality which allows you to automatically dial and hang-up, link call recordings and show live agent call status with listen/whisper/barge functionality (available in UK and US).

RingCentral – RingCentral’s advanced technology and infrastructure provides you with an intuitive communications system with unmatched functionality, quality and reliability.

Users can also use TAPI with telephones which provide a TAPI driver such as via IP Office.

  • Linked call recordings
  • Automatic outbound dialling
  • Call transfers
  • Inbound screen-pop
  • Voice-drop functionality
  • Option for “local presence”
Telephony Integrations

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