Telesales software refers to software systems specifically designed to make high volume outbound calls in the most efficient way. Where users of standard CRM systems may manage 50 calls a day, with telesales software they could manage 100+ calls a day. Doubling the number of calls logically means doubling the success rate.

telesales software

What are the key features of a telesales software system?

From the agent’s point of view:

Quick and easy:

  • automatic dialing and hangup
  • access to the information that is needed to see and update
  • access to required functions
  • automated functions to reduce manual tasks (eg send emails)
  • logging of a call
  • moving to the next record
  • call-back management

By improving these functions FIVE enables agents to double the number of calls they can make in a day.

From the supervisor/admin point of view

Ability to:

  • set user permissions to a set of data
  • control what data each agent views on sign-in
  • assign data to agents
  • bulk update data (perhaps to “clean” it to be re-called)
  • design the agents’ screen to be only what they need
  • optionally configure call scripts to ensure agents ask the necessary questions
  • configure automatic workflows to reduce/eliminate manual work by agents
  • view KPIs and necessary reports – including having reports automatically emailed

In addition, the built-in email campaigns enable FIVE users to make warm calls, calling people who have opened or clicked on emails.

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Email campaigns can be used for lead generation
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